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Shadowalker !!!!!!
-You don't now what's a Shadowalker, do you ? So I'll explain you. Shadowalkers have been developping amazing physical capacities, based esentially* on speed and agility. They share a same passion of freedom even if the rules of their guild are very stricts. -Ok, and ? -So, Shadowalkers are men and woment who are very very good in fight, who says they're harmony. They're free, they don't need any guid or chief. That's a very secret guild and many things abouts it are mysterious. So, I'll not tell you all I can say abouts... That's too long ! -Ok, you've invent it, don't you ? -Nonono ! But Pierre Bottero, a french novelist, done it, in "Ewilan's Quest", "Ewilan's worlds" ans "Shadowalker 's pact". I don't know if that books have been traduceed in english, but I've read it in french, and that's the best books I've ever read ! Better as Harry Potter and all other novels ! Now, I say I'm a Shadowalker. I'M A SHADOWALKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH ! SHADOWALKER !!!! *I'm not sure of this word... Forgive me, I'm not english !
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Stripe created by Jaax on 2011-05-17 21:40:20.
Jaax created a total of 102 stripes voted 1677 times with an average vote of 4.526 / 5.
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Hi, please excuse the ridiculousness of my stripes descriptions, and their names, and their uglyness. I had a truly horrible sense of style and beauty.
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